The Mega Corporations

Here you will find a short description of some of the biggest at most common Mega Corp's.

WAC Global (Weapons, Androids, Cybernetics - Global) 

“Making the world a safer place”


Weapons, Androids and Cybernetics - Global is one of the world's most leading corporations when it comes to the creation of advanced firearms, or means of warfare. They brand themselves as protectors of the world.


Omega Development

“Exploring the borders of magic”


Omega Development is the leading corporation regarding the research of magic. From time to time they develop new ways to use or understand magic. They brand themselves on, understanding magic is the key to controlling it and making the world more safe. 


Terra Energy Service 

“Making the world green again”


Terra Energy Service is the world's most leading corporation when it comes to energy. They are also working on making sustainable energy for all. They brand themselves on, that the world can’t afford not to go completely green. 


Lau-Xiao Consolidated 

“Creating trade around the globe”


Lau-Xiao Consolidated is a giant trade bubble, they create businesses everywhere and trade with almost everything. You can find them all around the globe, and they are possibly the biggest of the Mega Corps. They brand themselves on that successful trade is the key to a strong world.


PsyCorp Data

“Technology is the future”


PsyCorp Data is the world's leading corporation when it comes to the development of new technology. It doesn’t matter if its cybernetics, chemicals or other. They publicly criticise magic and are branding themselves on that technology is the safe way into the future.


Digital art © by Isaak Lerche