Where are we?

The game takes place at a location called the Beggars Palace. It's a place underground where people hide from the watchful eye of the mega corporations. Beggars Palace is an abandoned storage facility that now hosts a lot of different people, even those plotting to attack the mega corps.

This is a time where the  Mega Corporations rules supreme, but more and more are banding together to oppose them. Rumors circulate that the resistance have a plan, what ever it may be.

You the player

Well what are you doing here? Maybe you were born in the slums or crossed path with the mega corps in a bad way. In any case you now find yourself in the Beggars Palace for what ever reason. You are free to be creative about what you want for your character. Do you want to be a merchant or hacker? or maybe something we haven't thought about at all.

Help create the world

We want you the player to help expand the world. You are free to create things and come up with ideas as long as it fits the fiction. We are more than willing to hear to your ideas and implement them. Though we created the frames, we want you to fill them.


Vision for the game 

Our game is a mix between a good sandbox game and a thought out plot and narrative. We hope that you, the player and different groups help to create the world in the frames that we have created, and that we can create new and interesting things together. 


We can’t tell you what kind of game it will be, that will mostly be up to you, but we can tell you that our story revolves around some people living underground in the slum. Some of those living there are trying to fight the mega corporations and others are just trying to get by.

If you and your group has a cool idea for something that could fit in, or you want idears to what could fit in, please contact us and we will happily help. 


It’s very deliberate that we haven’t told you anything about the plot or what challenges that Slum 41 faces. We don’t want such things to influence what you want to create. We also want to keep them secret to create some mystice around what's going to happen.

Good to know info:

“Will there be gangs, tradehouse and such?”
If you create it. We won’t create any for you, but we will encourage players and groups if we feel that something lacks or is in good supply


“Do we expect there to be big groups and power factors?”

Yes, we expect that some players band together and create groups, but we will set a limit to 10 players per group so that we still have some sort of limit.  


“Do you make relations for us or do we do that ourselves?”
We will make some relations for you, and the groups too, but that shouldn't stop you from creating some yourself. 

“What goals can we make for ourselves and the group?”
We know that this can be a tough one, but you are free to create almost any goal. We want this to be a world you are helping forming. If you get stuck or need inspiration, we are there for you.

Group lodgings

As we move ahead and we know more about the players and the groups, we will make a plan where we lodge the different groups. We can't make any promises regarding what lodgings you will get, but we will try to make sure that every group gets a good area where they can set up a base of some sort. The sleeping quarters will probably be at another location than the groups base, but more on that as we go along. 

More info later

We will share more information as we get closer.

Digital art © by Isaak Lerche