Once the magic came back to earth, some babies began to be born deformed or at least different. Like completely different races, with special looks and traits. Meta-Humans that is the word for all races born from the human gene. 



Humans are still the race that dominate in numbers. A lot of humans have a hard time accepting the other races and some wages war and suppress them as much as they can. Others are more accepting and tries to fight for the other races equality. 



Pointy eared and usually very intelligent, these Meta-Humans can live for a very long time and have a tendency to pursue very long term goals. They try to avoid the human racism and conflicts because most elves believe that it will die out in time, hopefully with the humans.  



For a long time, Orcs were hunted to almost extinction because they are one of the more different races. Those Orcs that makes it through usually finds a place where they can use their strength and fighting spirit to make a name for themselves. 



There are plenty of other races, but they are more rare and probably very disliked.

Digital art © by Isaak Lerche