In the future companies rule the world

The return of magic

A couple of hundred years ago magic returned to earth. None knows exactly why or how, but some suspects that when the climate changes was at its worst, magic itself was freed from its earthly prison. It was a time with great earthquakes that swallowed cities and tsunamis that removed whole islands, long winters and scorching summers became the norm. But once magic returned to the world these great catastrophes seemed to ease and in time became rare. 


With the return of magic, changes happened to the humans as well. Babies were born different, like fairytale creatures and monsters were observed roaming the earth.


Chaos ensued afterwards, some whole countries collapsed under civil conflict and racism, because a lot of people wanted to eradicate everything magical or supernatural. That was when the Mega Corps had their golden age. With countries in conflict and turmoil, they grew and quickly became the governing powers around the globe. 


The world haven’t completely adjusted to these great change yet. You can still find conflict and even wars because of the return of magic, and the world is divided as to if it’s good and safe, or if it’s dangerous and needs to be contained.  

Earth year 2254

In the future companies rules the world

Once resources became scarce and climate changes and natural disasters struck at an uncontrollable rate, the Mega Corporations took over. It started small and almost innocent, but it seemed like overnight, they ended up controlling almost everything.


Today almost every country on earth have been bought up or made obsolete by the Mega Corporations. There are multiple of these Mega Corps, scattered around the world, working on becoming bigger and stronger than their competitors. 


Those who oppose the Mega Corps usually end up dead or gone. Few survive by hiding in slums away from the watchful eye of the corporations security and agents. 

Digital art © by Isaak Lerche