Important places you should know about

Megacity - Heaton O.C. 2 

Do you know why this city is called Heaton O.C 2? It was once just called Heaton, but Omega corp added the O.C 2 when they bought it out. It stands for Omega City 2, because it's the second largest city in their possession. Of course you can find areas and districts that are owned or controlled by other Mega Corps these days, but I guess that's just how they do business. 


Slum 41 

Have you pissed off someone important? Or are you born in this pit? I don’t know why you are here, but Slum 41 is your home now, and it probably will be until the day you die. 


They rarely come down here you know, it’s usually not worth the trouble.

What you might not know is that this place was once one of the beautiful and upcoming areas in Heaton. Brightspring sector was the name, but something went bad, the mayer pissed off someone from Omega and before we knew it a whole new sector was built on top of this, cutting us off from the sun. Things went to shit, you can imagine. Today it’s the best place you can lay low if someone is after you, well at least for now.  


Beggars Palace 

Deep in the underground of Slum 41 we find the Baggers Palace. That’s where we are now. It’s a hub of information, trade and some of the toughest scum of the earth. Common for most people here is that they are hiding for one or several of the Mega’s. It’s also what’s keeping this place together, why fight each other when the bigger fish are the real threat. 


I don’t know much about how it started here, but rumors have said that it was a warehouse that was almost completely abandoned sometime after the new sector was built on top of this one. It was a home for street-rats and beggars until some merchants kicked them out and created a hub here.


This is where things happen, deals are made and the resistance is building it’s foundation.

Digital art © by Isaak Lerche